Most creation is born from a necessity. The creations by Aprajita Toor were born out of a desire to create unique and expressive wearables for women.

In 2012, she set out to find the perfect Indian Sandals. With the best artisans hidden in the smaller towns of the country, her search helped her rediscover the vibrant colours that were symbolic of the Indian attire. To give these colours and the fine artistry that was symbolic of a rich Indian heritage an outlet into the world, the brand Aprajita Toor was created.

 Today, 6 years into the business, the brand has helped shoe thousands of feet and has a wide range across categories in footwear, bags, and accessories. The offices and manufacturing unit based out of Mumbai are eco-friendly and provide an environment where the work is driven by creativity. Throughout her journey one thing has remained constant – the need to help women express themselves in the best way possible.


December 11

Cutting the pattern

February 2012


Everything has a starting point. A dream, a thought and a sketch, on a not so cold winter morning in February 2012, marked ours. This is when we started ‘cutting the pattern’ of a bespoke & handcrafted luxurious creation we set out to build.

December 11

Edging & Stitching

September 2013


We spent most of 2012 experimenting – learning, and most of 2013 creating. We were finding our feet, and helping others fit theirs. Kolhs were introduced for the first time under our brand, and with creative and bold designs, we began to play.

Simultaneously, our manufacturing strength grew and we brought in craftsmen from different parts of the country to our studio in Mumbai. Our shoes began adorning windows across stores online and offline.

December 11

Selecting the heel

July 2014


We began experimenting like never before. For every failed experiment there were several others that won.

Our stuff was edgy, and we were having fun. It’s the excitement that dreams are made of.

Our shoes walked the ramps at International and National fashion weeks and brought in appreciation and recognition.

December 11

Preparing the sole

November 2016


Three years and over three hundred unique designs later, our endeavour and resolve to create high street fashion for the empowered woman continued to grow. We were moving forward and simultaneously helping others move forward through their day in our shoes. Comfort and class became synonymous with our brand and our efforts continued to be acknowledged by our loyal clients.

December 11

Finish and Repeat

April 2018


We stand today at a precipice and are waiting to leap forward and fly.

With an ever growing team of skilled karigars, our experience of failed and successful designs, honest feedback from our customers and the ambition to grow, we are where we want to be, and our shoes are at your feet.